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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  August 24, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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have been found in the washington monument. it is closed today. so is the national cathedral which suffered damage to its spires. >> metro is running at normal speed. in just a moment, angie will be back with traffic in a moment. to see how this whole thing is affecting the commute, if it is. >> we turn to howard. irene is on our radar. what is that going to do for the rest of the week? >> saturday night, sunday, especially toward rehoboth, they'll get likely major impacts on this. around here, this is moving farther east and east on the forecast track which is better and better news. especially given the fact we've got the dedication of the martin luther king memorial on sunday morning. we may dodge the proverbial hurricane bullet on that one. noon, 81 degrees and sunny. 87 by 5:00. a nice day. warm but dry. humidity creeping up a little bit. still very comfortable. sunrise at 6:30 setting at
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7:51. just a couple of clouds trying to come in from the high ones from the north and west. the bigger showers and storms in northern ohio and our temps still some 50s. martinsburg and frederick. cross junction is at 54 thanks to steve checking in with me. cambridge at 55 along with manassas. 66 at reagan national going to 87. slightly cooler on the bay. same story down in pax river. potentially 88 leesburg and 89 in manassas. angie stepping in with your timesaver traffic. >> many problems to tell you about. yellow light stays on. let's get straight to them. 270 headed southbound at route 80 still hearing the crash activity there. taking away all lanes for drivers there. backed up starting around 85. your best bet, use 355 as your alternate. water main break out in silver spring. we've got franklin avenue closed between flower avenue and university boulevard.
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please use caution. avoid the area. rock creek parkway at virginia avenue, we have an accident out here impacting both lanes of traffic. so you definitely want to be careful headed out this way and this just in, the outer loop at eisenhower, the eisenhower connector, we've got police activity out that way taking away all lanes of traffic temporarily. they're diverting traffic into the local lanes so there is a way around it. as you can imagine, at this time, the back-ups are going to set in. let's talk about the trains mike mentioned that that earthquake from yesterday could be impacting the morning commute this morning. we're learning because of lack of conductors, marc trains on the brunswick line, looks like you'll expect significant delays this morning. anywhere they're telling us between 20 to 60 minutes extra. you'll need to factor in extra minutes for your wednesday commute. still ahead, the very latest on the accidents on 27 0. also the outer loop. coming up at 6:12. back to you. one of the other impacts from yesterday's earthquake, schools are closed in prince george's county following all of the mess yesterday.
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dozens suffered minor damage in fact. >> hundreds of people were forced from their homes when their apartment buildings were condemned. surae chinn is live at a temporary shelter set up in temple hills, maryland. good morning. >> good morning. 230 people displaced after two apartment buildings have been condemned and one of those people displaced is anthony barlow here who lives on the fourth floor. tell me your experience while you were home. >> first i was sitting on the couch, just got off from work. about to play a video game and then all of a sudden, a shake come through. the game falls. i looked at the game. turned around, i thought it was just something hitting the door or something hitting the building. once i turned around and saw the microwave fall and i heard a friend of mine by the name of tony yell, is it an earthquake. next thing you know, i'm flying down the steps. i go outside. i just get outside in the nick of time. it still was shaking a little bit. >> you thought you were
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dreaming. >> i thought i was dreaming. i thought i was dreaming though because it was a shock, just the first experience for me. it was like this is nothing i never, ever experienced a day in my life. >> tell me what the apartment complex is telling you, how long you may be displaced. >> they say three to four days. and they saying the building is condemned. it might be never up to four days we can go in there. they're not keeping in touch with us if we can get our belongs. >> you can't get your stuff to go to work. hopefully it is ok inside the shelter. >> yes, ma'am. you got your blanket, keeping warm. haven't slept a wink today. and tonight. i know. but hopefully the red cross is helping them out. keeping them comfortable. they're getting breakfast later on this morning. we'll send it back to you. we're monitoring the situation and all of those people displaced this morning. >> thank you, surae chinn reporting live from temple hills, maryland. >> now to culpepper, virginia, parts of the downtown area are
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still shut down. police closed it to keep people away because of damage to buildings. they want to make sure no one gets hurt. schools in the county are also closed today. we'll get an update from culpepper county coming up at 6:30. on to fairfax county, this is the damage at an office condo complex on old courthouse road in vienna, bricks rain down on four cars from tuesday's earthquake. no one was hurt. two buildings were damaged. a structural engineer will check those buildings out later today. two iconic buildings in the district are closed this morning following yesterday's earthquake. the national cathedral and the washington monument. kristin fisher is live not far from the monument. what do we know about the damage so far, kristin? >> reporter: you know, like many people, yesterday, as soon as the earthquake hit, i went to facebook and twitter and almost instantly, there were wild rumors the washington monument was leaning. we now know that is not the case. the monument itself is not tilting but it did sustain some
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damage. structural engineers are now saying there are indeed some plaques right at the top of the monument, you can't see it from here with your naked eye but apparently the cracks are right where it starts to taper off into a pyramid. i'm sure many of you saw the u.s. parks service helicopters circling the monument yesterday afternoon. looking for damage. they didn't see anything at first. it wasn't until yesterday evening that structural engineers confirmed that there was indeed some damage. those engineers are now going to be inspecting the cracks at some point later today. for now, the ground, about 100 feet outside of the monument. those grounds are still open but the monument itself is closed to the public. also closed today, the national cathedral which sustained some even more significant damage in the quake. three pinnacle peaks on the central tower came crashing down. it is a minor miracle no one was hurt. 200 people were inside at the time of the quake. stonemasons and engineers are
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still trying to figure out if it is safe to go inside. but as of now, cathedral and the monument, the washington monument are closed. as for the other monuments, down here on the national mall, all of them at this time are back open. the lincoln, the jefferson, they were all closed for some point yesterday. they are now back open as is the martin luther king memorial. back to you, mike. >> thank you, kristin. live at the washington monument now. andrea? >> thank you, mike. one of the biggest annoyances right after yesterday's earthquake, the cell phone. it went dead. would this pose a problem in a real disaster to talk about that, we're joined by adrian with the center for health and homeland security at the university of maryland and adrian, thank you very much for being here with us. it brought to mind ten years ago, first responders couldn't communicate. that was a big issue. was that a problem yesterday? >> well, we've come a long way since september 11th. we've received funding,
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agencies conducted testing and exercises, interoperability. we're not where we need to be. agencies still need more funding so they can increase inner operability. and their partners in the private sector. >> fema was telling everyone please stay off your cell phones. use them to text or whatever but don't try to make phone calls. you were talking about that inner operability. west virginia senator jay rockefeller says this is the perfect wakeup call of more evidence, why public safety officials need their own dedicated broad band network. so that if the system becomes overwhelmed, they can still communicate. do you think this gives more emphasis to the legislation needs proposing? >> absolutely. first of all, this area has tremendous number of people who are already using their cell phones and they can call during normal circumstances. in an event like we experienced yesterday, people are naturally going to pick up the phone and make the calls and clog the system and overload the system.
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i do think that something we need to be concerned about, inner operability needs to keep on improving as it has been in the last ten years. >> adrian, do we have to add earthquake to our list of hurricanes, tornadoes and terrorist attacks? >> time will tell. i think that the earthquake experience yesterday, 5.8 magnitude is something that's quite unusual for the washington area. i think yesterday was a great wakeup call and a great learning opportunity for agencies to see just how great a threat earthquakes may or may not pose and conduct assessments and determine how ready we need to be for another earthquake. >> adrian, thank you very much for being here with us. mike? >> thanks, andrea. everyone is talking about the earthquake on our facebook page. kristin says my immediate thought was the washing machine was banging around but i knew i wasn't running it. then i thought the boys were doing something upstairs but then i realized they were just 20 feet away. bobby writes i thought for several seconds some lunatic was taking a bulldozer to my house. >> mia said she was taking a
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bath. first thing i thought was this tough is going to crash into the basement. second thought, where's my towel? i can't see anything because i have shampoo in my hair. we'll be right back.
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we have a traffic alert update for you. interstate 270 headed southbound near route 80. we have things that are improving here. lanes back open following the crash activity. but the damage is done.
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check out this stretch of delay. it goes back to route 85. you're going to want to use 355 to avoid it. more traffic still ahead, andrea coming up at 6:18. >> moammar gadhafi is calling on supporters to fight back against rebel forces. it is the first time we've heard from him in awhile and it is one of the stories making news at 6:13. gadhafi made his call from an undisclosed location. hundreds of libyan rebels stormed his compound in tripoli yesterday. but he was nowhere to be found. nato air strikes turned that compound to rubble. the delmarva and outer banks are keeping an eye on hurricane irene. it is a category two storm right now with 100-mile-per- hour winds. it could make landfall by the weekend. howard will have more on the storm's path in just a few minutes. closing arguments today in the case of captain owen p. honors, the naval commander relieved of duty after raunchy videos he made went public. he's trying to remain in the navy. here's mike. thanks, andrea.
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tuesday's worth quake caught nearly all of us off-guard. most think quakes happen in california, not here. seismologist john taber joins us with what happened and why it happened here. we hear earthquakes, we think plates, tectonic plates. >> we're not on the edge of a plate. that's why you normally hear about earthquakes in california. you can get them almost anywhere because the plates are under various forces under compression because they're all moving. north america is moving even though we don't know it is moving. so, what's happened there, there is an area, faults left over from when the appalachians got built. you think about all of the faulting and the earthquakes that must have happened, the faults are still there. this will -- it has been around for millions of years. there is still enough compression that it takes a long time. it was 100 years since the last earthquake of this size. >> do the plates separate or do they quick together? what's causing the vibration?
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>> yes inside the plate. everything is under pressure. in this case, it pushed together. one bit probably thrust up over the other one. they came together and one was going up one side. >> as we reported, social media, people were going all over the place with this. both on twitter and facebook. i have family and friends up in the northeast. they felt it. we reported some as far south as georgia. now, it seems when we learn about earthquakes in california, they're only felt in a much smaller area. why on the eastern seaboard did we feel them so far apart? >> because the earn seaboard is so different. it is on a plate boundary. there is a lot of sheering of the younger rocks. rocks here are older and more stable and more solid essentially so that the energy can go through without being absorbed. >> one quick question. we had a lot of friends and colleagues that felt nothing. >> since they're moving, they're already vibrating and it has to be a very vigorous --
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if you're in a magnitude 7 earthquake, you'll feel it in your car. you'll think there is something wrong with your steering. >> dr. john taber, thanks for joining us. howard, andrea, over to you. interesting conversation. makes me remember the geology classes in college. really now, comes into focus. >> i think we're all much more educated about earthquakes than we were. >> than we ever wanted to be. >> i was in a car yesterday. i didn't feel a thing and my son and i felt a little bump. >> we have some consequences of the earthquake. we have schools closed this morning in prince george's county, the district of columbia. culpepper, fauquier and in spotsylvania. >> damage assessment still going on. do a little damage assessment, walk around your house, make sure nothing is cracked or about to fall over. let's get you going with a look at our bus stop forecast because we do have a good day ahead. we're starting off mainly clear. comfortably cool. we've got temperatures in the 50s and 60s this morning.
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you may need a light jacket. sun is coming up at 6:33. 71 degrees at 9:00. 81 by noon. this afternoon, a little breezy and warmer. still not too humid. highs in the mid to the upper 80s. 59 in college park. 58 great falls. 56 in baden. out to the west, we have a 58 in haymarket. reagan national, mainly clear. couple of clouds. 66. dew points in the upper 50s. more humid than it was yesterday. still all right. we want the -- we watch the clouds today. tomorrow, here comes this front. going to produce showers and storms to our north and west. then in the afternoon and the evening, showers and storms more likely across the region. scattered about. some of those could be on the strong side. irene by the way is getting stronger. this is now a category two, almost a category three storm with an eye moving off toward the north and west. winds are at 110 miles per hour. irene will continue through the bahamas today and into tonight. it will start to pull away into
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the atlantic now and make aim toward the north carolina coast. potentially a category three storm saturday evening, passing just east of the delmarva by sunday morning. very strong category two storm. could be a rough sunday over by the beaches. that could be good for us. get a little farther east. 87 today. tomorrow, 90 with some afternoon storms. slight chance of a storm friday, south and east of town. saturday night, sunday morning depending on irene. we may see showers and storms. breezy nonetheless. looking good on monday. angie is stepping in. she's got a look at your morning commute. >> thank you, howard. good morning, everybody. hope you're having a great wednesday. yellow light is on. right now, we're dealing with some big problems out on the beltway. let's begin with the outer loop at eisenhower. we have some police activity that is temporarily blocking all lanes of traffic. drivers are jammed back to the mixing bowl. good news is they're letting drivers get by using the local lane. it is being diverted on to that. definitely a spot to avoid this morning if you can at all
6:19 am
costs. moving it out live from sky 9, we want to show you the latest on 270 near route 80. the crash activity has been pushed off to the shoulder. we're getting by slowly. 30 plus minutes making it from 85 and it looks like we also have a northbound accident that has been reported at shady grove. so, another thing to keep an eye out for. let's move it to the water main break out in silver spring. the very latest is franklin avenue is now closed between garwood and also baltimore drive. it will be like this throughout the morning rush. your way to get around this, use university, take that open to dearborn. that will get you back on to franklin. and still, watching the crash activity out on the rock creek parkway where it meets virginia avenue. we know it is impacting the drive in both directions. factor in a couple of extra minutes if this is the way you need to go this morning. >> we'll have the latest on the outer loop tie-up at eisenhower. that's coming up at 6:25. over to you. next in sports, how the
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nationals and redskins reacted to tuesday's earthquake. >> time for the question of the morning. it is earthquake related, of course. what was the most powerful earthquake to affect the east coast of the united states? >> of course, you're weighing in on our facebook page. ziggy said it was the one that happened yesterday. it was my first earthquake and hopefully my last. >> leave your guesses on our facebook page. we'll give you the answer to the quiz coming up at 6:54. [ female announcer ] we are taking new ultra downy with silktouch to the streets.
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nice, cool start to the day. going to be another good day. little warmer, little breezier. slightly more humid. still very comfortable. 81 by noon. by 5:00, 87. that will be the high for the day. you'll need the umbrella tomorrow. more on that coming up.
6:24 am
mike? >> thank you, howard. in sports, the nationals say anyone who didn't get to last night's game because of the earthquake can exchange their tickets for any other game for the remainder of the season. >> the game was delayed for about 30 minutes. crews made sure the stadium was safe. as for the game itself, it was a pitcher's duel. nats jordan zimmermann made one mistake and it cost him a two- run home run to boroughs and washington falls to arizona. >> they were talking about the quake at redskins park. we caught up with a few players yesterday after practice. >> i was in the cold tub, me and a bunch of guys. i think adam was next to me. i thought he was shaking my cold tub around. >> i didn't know what tho think. i never experienced the earthquake before. i was just kind of froze. i was telling one of the guys, if this is normal in california, i'll never live in california! [ laughter ] >> no damage to redskins park.
6:25 am
the 'skins and the ravens play tomorrow night in baltimore. >> southerner, living on the east coast, it was my fourth earthquake. the last big one was the year the redskins won the super bowl. >> come on. >> who knows. >> it is 6:25. some school districts closed today because of the earthquake. we'll run down the list up next. >> the washington monument closed due to possible damage from the quake there. we have a live report coming up from the mall next. >> right now, angie has a quick check on our traffic. >> beltway tie-up, the outer loop at eisenhower, police activity blocked. all lanes. traffic being diverted into a local lane. we're jammed back to the mixing bowl. more on this and tie-ups on 270 when 9news now returns. [ female announcer ] every box of general mills big g cereals
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prescription strength allegra is now available without a prescription. same exact medicine, same full prescription strength. allegra. now without a prescription. 6:29. welcome back. the day after tuesday's earthquake damaged homes and schools across the region, ahead, what's open, what's closed and when things are going to start to get back to normal around here. >> thank you for starting your wednesday with us. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. before we head to weather and traffic, let's get the latest run-down on the earthquake aftermath. >> we want to start with the school districts that are closed today. they are prince george's county, the district of columbia and in virginia,
6:30 am
culpepper, fauquier and spotsylvania county schools are closed. >> federal workers can take an unscheduled leave or telework day today. however, some federal offices are closed completely to get a run-down of that list, go to trains are back on schedule this morning. metro, vre, marc and amtrak are all running on time and at speed. >> we will have more, of course, on yesterday's earthquake coming up. >> right now, let's get your weather first. it is a warmer wednesday. howard bernstein is on the terrace. >> still very comfortable this morning. in some spots, still down in the 50s. you may need a little sweatshirt or light jacket for a few minutes this morning. really nice day ahead. here is a look at our day planner for you on this wednesday morning. sunshine expected all day. temperatures will be climbing. by noon into the low 80s. this afternoon, mid to upper 80s. a, we're warmer. b, we'll have a breeze out of the south at 10 to 15. it won't be nearly as dry. humidity levels will be comfortable. high clouds today trying to
6:31 am
come in this morning. still looks like a very nice morning out there with temps in the 50s to middle 60s. warm spot being down south. 66 at patuxent river naval air station. our highs today, they'll be in the mid to the upper 80s. could be some storms tomorrow afternoon. more on that. here's angie with your morning traffic. >> thank you, howard. it has been a tough drive for many so far this morning. we're dealing with a couple big tie-ups out there. let's get straight to them beginning with the outer loop at eisenhower. we have police activity taking away all lanes of traffic. they're diverting traffic into the local lanes moving very, very slowly. we're seeing the jamup continue to build. right now, it stretches back to the mixing bowl. we want to let you know about 270 also for the northbound travelers, a really bad accident we're hearing about near shady grove. as we take a live look at the situation, this is an accident that involves a truck and it looks like they're going to be out there for some time. reconstructing this scene. so, normally, we don't have issues on the northbound lanes
6:32 am
of 270, not the case this morning. also, we want to update you 270 southbound, all of that crash activity has been pushed off to the shoulder. drivers are getting by but very slowly starting around route 85. moving over to the maps. we to show. >> water main break out in silver spring. franklin avenue remains closed off between garwood and baltimore drive. use university boulevard. take that on over to dearborn and that's going to get you back on to franklin. let's move it to the trains this morning. want to let you know we can switch it on over. metro, vre running on time. we're dealing with some significant delays. we know the brunswick line, train number 872 running about 45 minutes behind. you can expect delays from 20 to 60 minutes. andrea and mike, i'll have more at 6:46. >> thank you, angie. downtown culpepper, virginia, it was shut down following the quake. the small town, 70 miles outside of the district got hit
6:33 am
hard. >> to talk about what's going on there now, we're joined by wally bunker, the public information officer for culpepper, virginia. good morning, wally. >> good morning. >> how are we doing structurally? were there any injuries yesterday? >> we're in the process of still checking buildings. the historic downtown area was the one that was hit the hardest. it's got some very old buildings with brick facades. we had to close off traffic in downtown which is going to create a problem because there are not too many ways to get through culpepper. we have condemned two buildings on main street that the facades are cracked. and that's the reason for stopping traffic downtown. we don't know what the condition of the buildings is. it is going to be a tedious, long process for the building officials to check all of the buildings. >> while you're talking about stopping traffic and how tedious and long the process is, does that mean the state of emergency that was declared
6:34 am
yesterday is still in effect today? >> yes, it is still in effect and the reason -- like i said, the reason we close the traffic is because these old buildings, vibrations of tractor trailers, not sure what that would cause. unfortunately, that's what main street gets used for a lot is route 29 and route 15 go through town. >> we said that some of the buildings that were damaged severely damaged, predated the civil war. tell us about some of the more important historic buildings that may be condemned and torn down in culpepper. >> i'm not sure that any will be condemned and tore down. we do have three that have been condemned. probably one of the more interesting buildings that did sustain some damage. i'm not sure the extent of it the sanctuary at st. steven's episcopal church. that particular church, jeb
6:35 am
stewart and robert e. lee worshipped in june of 1863 prior to the beginning of the gettysburg campaign. we have a lot of other buildings that are late 19th century, early 20th century buildings downtown. it is a historic district. even our depot, train depot, the amtrak station down here suffered a little bit of damage with the chimneys. they're going to have to come down. >> wally bunker, thank you for speaking with us. we wish you and the residents of culpepper, virginia, the best as you survey the damage from yesterday's quake. >> in prince george's county, maryland, more than three dozen schools were damaged by the quake. that's why they're closed today. >> hundreds of people are forced from their homes because of this. surae chinn continues our coverage live in temple hills not far from the emergency shelter. good morning, surae. >> good morning. we're actually at the shelter and breakfast has just been delivered. they took a trip out to mcdonald's. they brought in the food for the victims. some of the victims are right
6:36 am
out there taking a break here at the shelter. some of the people who have been living in the apartments that were condemned. hey, by the way, we've gotten video of surveillance as people were going about their business. you can see here in this video, inside a liquor store in district heights, all of the bottles and liquor bottles shaking about. the people inside wondering what's going on. even some of the tiles from the ceiling came down. also in prince george's county where we are the shelter that's open on oxen run drive. 50 people have taken advantage of the shelter. no one is allowed back into their apartment for at least two buildings on curtis drive and good hope avenue, it doesn't look good. >> the outer walls of the sidewalls has separated from the roofline of the building. they're bowed. they have cracks. to the point that that called our attention immediately so we sent our technical rescue crews
6:37 am
into the building. they searched each floor, floor by floor, eight stories. and they went through the stairwells and they determined there were structural cracks in the stairwells and the stairwells are an integral part of the structural stability of the building. >> a structural engineers will be back at the two buildings, evaluating all of the damage. back to you. thank you, surae chinn live in temple hills, maryland this morning. >> two of the highest points in washington are both closed today because of earthquake damage. the national cathedral and the washington monument. kristin has the report from the national mall. >> i live on the 11th floor of an apartment building. just from talking to people who live in my building, it was absolutely remarkable how much stronger the earthquake felt, the higher up you got. the same sort of thing kind of applies here at the washington monument. we now know up at the very top, right where it starts to form a
6:38 am
pyramid that structural engineers have detected several cracks. now, those engineers will be expecting those cracks later today. they were out yesterday and a u.s. parks service helicopter after several reports that the monument was leaning. we know that's not the case. damage ans to be limited to the cracks. the monument will remain closed until the repairs have taken place. the national cathedral is closed today due to damage from the quake. about 200 people were inside when it hit. turns out three finiams fell off. engineers have determined the main portion of the cathedral is structurally sound. that, too, is going to remain closed until the repairs can be complete. at this point in time, both the cathedral and the monument are the only monuments in d.c. that are closed. all of the others are back open including the martin luther king memorial. but this is, of course, high
6:39 am
tourist season. no word on when the monument is going to be back open for business. back to you. >> kristin fisher with a live update at the washington monument. thank you. we have what is it? 66 degrees on our way to a high in the0s under sunny skies. howard tells us how hurricane irene might affect our weather. >> a big crash in the local lanes of northbound 270. this is at shady grove road. a very busy scene. angie will have the latest coming up in about seven minutes. keep it here with 9news now. these sweet honey clustery things have fiber?
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fiber one. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? uh, try the number one! i've never heard of that. [ wife ] it's great. it's a sweet honey cereal, you'll love it. yeah, this is pretty good. are you guys alright? yeah. [ male announcer ] half a days worth of fiber. not that anyone has to know. fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. well, good morning. 6:43. we're back with your weather first. we have just received word within the last hour that evacuations are being put into effect in the outer banks of north carolina. concern is hurricane irene. heading that way. could make landfall by the
6:44 am
weekend. >> and howard bernstein is here, wise move? >> yeah, pretty much. looks like saturday night, unless this thing goes further east, it could be making landfall. the problem is the outer banks, not easy to get in and out of as you know if you've ever been there. if this thing doesn't shift to the east, it could be a category two or category three storm going over that area and they could get cut off from the mainland. i think is a wise move. sniffling and sneezing this morning or yesterday? you can blame some of the cooler, wet weather we've had with some of the rains last week. everything else was in the high category. that could be the culprit for you. your bus stop forecast. a fine morning out there. clear to partly cloudy. comfortably cool. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. sun came up at 6:33. it sets at 7:50 this afternoon. 8:00 a.m., 69 degrees and sunny. noon, 81. winds will be out of the south today, too. by 4:00, we've had 87 degrees. a warmer afternoon than
6:45 am
yesterday's 81. by 8:00, still nice this evening. little breezy and 81 degrees. 61 in easton. 55 from charlie in catlan. he felt the aftershock after 8:00. winchester, 57 degrees this morning. 64 in hagerstown. we're at a couple of 6s at 66 at reagan national with partly cloudy skies. dew point 58. so, the air is starting to moisten up just a bit. this area of high pressure pulls away. it will give us a pretty good day today. few showers and storms in ohio this morning. going to have a tough time making it east. but we may see it slip into pennsylvania and west virginia before it sort of falls apart. then we watch this front. here we are this evening into tomorrow morning, as that front continues to march south and east. by noon, thursday. into western pa with showers and storms out ahead of it. showers and storms out here tomorrow afternoon and evening. i'm going to advance toward the track on irene real quickly and show you that irene is moving off to the north and the west
6:46 am
with the models through the caribbean, through the bahamas, looks like the outer banks could get it like saturday evening and maybe offshore of ocean city by sunday morning. 87 today. storms tomorrow afternoon. 90. friday, 88 with a slight chance of a storm. late saturday into sun monk, depending on irene, we may see a few showers. angie? >> thank you, howard. let's get straight to our big trouble spot of the morning right now. traffic alert out on 270. this is headed northbound. we're live from sky 9. check it out. they're in the clearing stages of this bad accident. a driver ran into the dividing wall. and currently, they're blocking all local lanes and they're diverting traffic into the main lane. we'll continue to keep an eye on this and let you know how the stackups start to break apart. let's move it over to our maps. first i want to let you know because of the incidents, we're keeping the yellow light on this morning. moving you out next to virginia where we're going to go to the outer loop at eisenhower. that's the scene of more police activity that continues to take away all of the main lanes. traffic is being diverted into
6:47 am
the local lanes and the back- ups still stretch all the way back to the mixing bowl. let's move it to 395. no incidents to report out here. check it out. already bumper to bumper from the beltway over to seminary. slow crossing the 14th street bridge. in silver spring, this is something that will be with us through the morning rush. crews trying to repair a water main break will keep franklin road closed between garwood and baltimore drive. you'll want to use as an alternate this morning, university to dearborn. that will get you back on to franklin. quickly, we'll take a look at your outer loop. no incidents to report north of the district. just slow from 95 over to georgia. andrea, i'll have an update on the tie-ups coming up. over to you. thank you, angie. thousands of students from home from school today due to yesterday's earthquake. just before school started, we were reporting on flash mobs where large groups of teened converged on unexpecting storeowners and stole items. some people interviewed blame the behavior on the rough
6:48 am
economy. i'm joined by dr. edwin powell who says it is just plain theft and thank you so much for joining us. a child psychologist, you teach at howard university. the students weren't even saying that it was because of the economic woes. what was your reaction to the excuses others were making? >> you're absolutely right. thousands of students are at home today and we should always find constructive ways to engage our students such as assigning them with chores and so forth. make sure that they're not idle and making sure they're always industrious and never finding ways to fill the void of time with just deviant activities. some of the young people engaged in the flash mobs, while some people are blaming it on the economy, i think it is -- what we're doing is we're actually reinforcing negative behaviors by trying to justify such a behavior. like you said, it is theft under the commonlaw and it is larceny under most of the model codes. it is defineds a trespass of
6:49 am
another person's property with the intent to deprive them thereof and it is theft. nothing else. >> what about people who say by calling attention to the young people and questioning what kind of punishments they should get, it is also racism? >> i don't think that it is racism. in light of what we're getting ready to do this weekend with unveiling the martin luther king memorial and the mall, martin luther king, although -- pretty much engaged in some civil disobedience but he respected the laws of the land and he respected the constitution. i think there need to be a way to deter this type of behavior because it is almost unconscionable that someone would find a way to justify the behavior because what message are we sending out to our young people? >> all right, dr. edwin powell, thank you very much for being here with us. >> it is 6:49. a check on the news before you go is up next. >> time to for our united airlines travel forecast. looking real fine at dulls they morning. flying out, 60 degrees.
6:50 am
good visibility under sunny skies. we do have a threat for storms north and west of us in columbus and detroit. even chicago today. high temperature around 94 degrees. it turns hot though out west. 96 in denver with the sunshine. then really hot for phoenix and vegas. they'll be over 110 today. west coast, great all summer. today, no exception. l.a., sunny and 74. san francisco, sunny and 70. gorgeous in seattle and hot. up to 101 in boise.
6:51 am
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>> a check of the news before you go following tuesday's earthquake, these school districts are closed. prince george's county, the district of columbia, culpepper, fauquier and spotsylvania counties in virginia. federal workers, you have an unscheduled leave or telework day today except for people working in the buildings which are closed. the entire list is at two apartment buildings in temple hills, maryland, are condemned following the quake. more than 300 people were forced out of their homes. the county has set up a temporary shelter nearby. >> near the eppy center of the earthquake, plenty of cleanup going on today. buildings cracked, glass shattered. this is in mineral, virginia. schools there will be closed for the next two weeks. >> the washington monument, national cathedral and national museum are all closed today. they suffered damage as well. no word when any of them might
6:54 am
reopen to the public. and we just received word that all smithsonian buildings will be open today except for the castle. we want to answer our question of the morning now. what do you think was the most powerful earthquake to affect the east coast of the united states? was it... >> the answer is a, september 1, 1886, this was a powerful 7.3 quake recorded in charleston, south carolina. we'll have one more check on weather and traffic next. stay with 9news now.
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